Gay Latino And Macho Summary

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The reading, Gay, Latino and Macho, explores four men’s struggles with being gay in a Latino culture. These men share their stories on how they are treated by society for being different. In their communities, men need to show machismo attributes and men who do not meet the standards are not seen as real men. I don’t believe there was a clear thesis to this reading but I do believe there was a purpose, and that is to address how harsh the machismo Latino culture can be to those who homosexual. In order to fix this problem, people need to bring about a more accepting culture for gay people to live in. Some ideologies addressed in this reading included jobs, family roles, and machismo ideology. Some jobs are not suited for men, like working with your hands, and some jobs are seen as something only women would do, such as fashion designing. Family roles also play an important part. One of the men in the readings was secretly gay but wanted to…show more content…
One intersection is race, such as Latino males needing to have an increased sense of masculinity. They need to fit the standards their ethnicity sets for them. Another intersection is religion, where you cannot be both gay and religious, and also where being gay is the result of having a demon inside of you. I believe sexuality is the main intersection addressed. Being gay is seen as something to avoid, it is seen as a problem needing to be fixed. Most men feel the need to hide it from their families and society. The impact ideologies presented by the people in the story create a picture of what it means to be a Latino male. Institutions enforced the ideologies of masculine Latino culture. Family, religion, and culture uphold the standards for machismo. The intersections showed how various aspects of Latino male lives and contribute to their perceived levels of masculinity. People born into the Latino macho community need to carry on the appearance of increased
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