High School Guidance Counselor Is Universally Considered The Foundation For Future Success Among Young Adults

High School Guidance Counselor Is Universally Considered The Foundation For Future Success Among Young Adults

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Whether the whole concept or idea was instilled into them by their parents or high school guidance counselor, higher education is universally considered the foundation for future success amongst young adults. A university campus of higher learning is a haven for many great opportunities for these young adults from experiencing the challenges or freedom of moving out of their parent’s wings for the first time to taking the first initial steps into finally realizing their dreams of being that doctor, lawyer or surgeon. The four-year college and university experience can be every bit as great as it’s made to be if you take advantage of every opportunity it has to offer. When the media and your high school guidance counselors mention the great potentials of attending a four-year institution, they almost certainly will not bring up the secret culture that can potentially ruin your life or at least leave you traumatized forever. As was previously stated, this rarely mentioned secret culture of irresponsible partying has led to one in five females and one in sixteen males being sexually assaulted while attend a place for higher learning or college. College is when young adults reach or enter their prime stages of sexual activity and curiosity. With that being said, they are most liking to explore their sexual urges.
Like every other institution of higher learning, Savannah State University is not free from sexual assaults occurring. It must continue to explore and spend countless man hours on the efforts to combat or prevent sexual assaults from transpiring. In all likelihood, Savannah State University is not going to achieve or realize a goal of zero sexual assaults per semester. But even so, the University can still stride to...

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...tment. So instead of sympathizing with the victim after the crime, it is up to the court of law to instead levy a punishment that fits the crime.
Savannah State should implement automatic explosion for sexually based offenders. This will put a campus wide fear and sensitivity to dangers or punishment for sexual assaults. Students will be less likely to try their luck in getting laid with a drunk or slightly tipsy student when the results of being accused and convicted of a crime may put their education in jeopardy. Along with putting fear in the potential offender’s hearts, stricter punishments will show a commitment to zero tolerance on the campus. If Savannah State can successfully display this commit, it will help to create an environment where it’s frowned upon by the student body to even make an advance on a person that may be vulnerable to sexual assault.

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