Pros And Cons Of Interview With A School Counselor

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I received the pleasure of interviewing two school counselors, Mrs. Jean Harmon and Mr. Devon Herrick. I was excited about interviewing school counselors within the Chicago land area. Despite many negativities spoken about the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, I desire to work within CPS. I’ve heard many pros and cons of working at a selective enrollment school, compared to a public charter school. By interviewing these two individuals, I assumed that I would get a snapshot of a potential work day for a school counselor. Mrs. Harmon is a school counselor at King College Preparatory high school. Mr. Herrick is a personal counselor at Urban Prep Charter Academy- Bronzeville campus. It was interesting in learning about the daily responsibilities,…show more content…
Her motto for working with students is “kids are my business”. She made sure to imply that her business and work within the school is planned around the students. Mrs. Harmon described her daily work as a counselor as unpredictable. She expressed that every day she usually spends time responding to emails and phone calls, and making calls out to universities and community organizations. She stated that she focuses more within the academic part of counseling and, depending on the level of severity, she may refer a student to the school social worker for social emotional counseling. She stated that 70% of her time is spent evaluating the academic, personal, social, and career of the students, while the other 30% is used to focus on the students social emotional matters. While speaking with her, I noticed that many students were in and out of her office for various reasons; some of the reasons included students looking for bus cards, scholarships, candy, clarity on course requirements, and informing her of the issues between the students enrolled at King. I noticed students referring to Mrs. Harmon as their mom at school. She had an open door policy and was available to every student that needed her, even as I interviewed her. Mrs. Harmon explained how she has 400 students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors) that she supports throughout the

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