Evaluation of Programs

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Evaluation of Programs
When an individual begins a new job, they are provided with a job description of their new position. The job description outlines their duties and responsibilities. It is imperative for the new employee to read and understand the expectations of them as they begin their new job. It is no different for a school counselor. The position comes with an outline of expectations and responsibilities that should be met each school year.
Fortunately, for the professional school counselor, there are agencies which provide these expectations and responsibilities to the districts that employ them. There are the school counselor competencies as outlined by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 2012) and the state standards provided by the state of the school district (state of Texas for the purpose of this summary) (Texas Counseling Association, 2004). Ethical standards must be maintained as well as positional standards (ASCA, 2012).
The ASCA National Model and the Texas Counseling Program Guide provide a job description for professional school counselors, as well as performance appraisals/evaluations (ASCA, 2012) (Texas Counseling Association, 2004). Several school districts use these as guides when developing their own performance evaluations or use the ones provided directly from the website. Each professional school counselor must be knowledgeable of the competencies expected of them as they perform the role of school counselor (ASCA, 2012) (Texas Counseling Association, 2004).
As professional school counselors plan, develop, and implement their comprehensive guidance and counseling program, they are also preparing the evaluation of the programs (Gysbers & Henderson, 2006). How does a prof...

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...lors use these tools to evaluate not only personal strengths and areas of improvement but also those areas of the programs they implement in their schools.

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