The Health System Of The Healthcare Industry Essay

The Health System Of The Healthcare Industry Essay

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What will a person do if there was no way to heal their sickness? Maybe suffer throughout the entire illness? Thanks to the Medical field and the Professionals who work within this field to find cure for every conceivable type of illness or disease that may arise in society. Within the Healthcare Industry there are many unique companies that provide service to those in need of help to cope with the illness or disease that is occurring within the body. The company that will be presented in my paper is known as the “Harris Health System”. The Harris Health System is a part of the Health Industry for which it is known for the cultural diversity that it provides service to all residents of Harris County, Texas. The topics that will be discussed are the missions/values of the company, services, careers, benefits, and diversity within the website.
Harris Health System is the first accredited Healthcare institution in Harris County to be designated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a patient centered Medical Home. The “Harris Health System” is very large providing services to 23 community health centers, five schools based clinics, dental center, dialysis center, mobile health units, a rehabilitation and specialty hospital, and two full serviced hospitals. Not only does the System provide care within those facilities, but it is also partnered with community facilities such as “United Way”, healthcare coverage for individuals “Community Health Choice”, Medical School Partners such as Baylor and University of Texas, and lastly Public health Organizations that assist in helping those around the area. ”. I chose to discuss about this specific company because it pertains to the Healthcare Industry. I emphasized it pertai...

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...ontinue my journey on applying for the job, and getting the position that I would like being that I have experience in the medical field.
In conclusion, I really am thankful to live in an area that is dedicated to providing the care to those in need. The Harris Health system is a part of the Health Industry for which it is known for the cultural diversity that it provides service to all residents of Harris County, Texas. The topics presented in my paper consisted of missions/values of the company, services, careers, benefits, and diversity within the website. With that being said I believe that it is an awesome company to work for being that I am seeking to obtain a degree in the medical field for Nursing at chamberlain college of nursing. I encourage everyone to view the webpage, and seek out all of the opportunities, and benefits that the company has available.

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