Characteristics Of The Australian Healthcare System

This essay will be comparing the defining characteristics of the Australian and United States healthcare system. The key features of Australian and United States healthcare systems will be discussed as well the jurisdictional roles and responsibilities of the three-tiered governance within the two countries. The pattern of fund distribution in both countries will also be examined to provide an understanding of national healthcare system. The positives, negatives and challenges of the Australian and United States healthcare system will also be discussed in this paper to acknowledge the problems that are within the Australian and United States healthcare system. A final comparative discussion will be provided in this essay in order to fully grasp the similarities and differences of the two healthcare systems.

In the Australian healthcare system, the main features include the Australian Commonwealth Government’s role and responsibilities within the health sector, Medicare and private health insurance cover (Keleher. H, Reynolds. L and Willis. E, 2012.) The Australian Federal Government has a primary role in the national healthcare department. It is responsible for administrating the healthcare reforms, policies, levies and subsidising funding to the minor governments, which are State and Local governments. (Dwyer .J, Eager. K, 2009.) Another significant feature in the Australian Healthcare System includes Medicare, which is a universal public health cover in Australia. Medicare which allows equal access of health services for all Australians. Medicare, an incentive introduced in 1984 by the Labor Government, promotes affordability in the Australian Healthcare System; allowing Australians or people with Permanent residency to access ...

... middle of paper ... levels of governments within the two countries. In Australia, the Federal Government has predominant access to funding models, healthcare reform bills and responsibilities in the Health department.

There are many defining features in the Australian and United healthcare systems, which are fairly similar in their structural context. One of them includes the universal healthcare scheme, Medicare of Australia and Medicaid of the United States. They both support the low income population, allowing them to receive health assistance in the public sector. There is also the two inclusively. A distinctive feature of the Australian Healthcare system is the Federal Government’s role as they are predominantly active in the funding model as it generates most of the costs with the direct and indirect distribution to the State and Local governing bodies. Another distinct
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