Health Service Management Career : Case Study Essay

Health Service Management Career : Case Study Essay

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Health Service Management Career
Zeinab Bazzi
Baker College

Health Service Administration Career
Health service manager is a post that relates to the management of the financial matters of the health care in a particular area or a particular program. Financial management is a phenomenon that is important to be dealt with care and it includes almost every field of this planet earth as the world revolves around Money. Their importance is growing everyday especially in the light of economic depression in 2008 and its adversary over the health care sector.
I want to serve the health sector as Health Service Manager and the reason behind choosing this career is the importance it possesses for the health care sector and is often remain behind the curtains while adding to the services in the same amount of deal as any doctor, paramedical staff or others working in the field of health care.
Another reason for this field is its growing importance in light of increasing financial cost of health care sector and the response of the government through Obama health care act. There are challenges in this job to improve quality of healthcare while maintaining the expenses under control.
Healthcare management requires talented people to manage the changes taking place. In their roles, healthcare executives have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve (Careers,n.d).
Being a health service manager provides an opportunity for improving the quality of the services offered to the general public. Along with that, the manager is often responsible for the costing of the expenses and budget of the facility. The job will provide me oppor...

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...ent positions at the same time. There are different ways in which a Career Health Service Manger is required to behave in order to do justice with his/her job. Different information will be required to perform my duties and the data will be gathered by me as well as by the people working under my assistance. The financial skills that is required for the task includes financials analysis, book keeping, budgeting and evaluation of different financial plans. AICPA’s code of ethics and bylaws will be fruitful in this regard.

AICPA. (2007). AICPA professional standards: Code of professional conduct and bylaws . AICPA. (2014). Health service manager. Retrieved from:
Careers, (n.d). Retrieved from:

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