Essay on The Health Of Quality Nursing Care

Essay on The Health Of Quality Nursing Care

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Quality nursing care can only be a result of an effective environment, knowledge of patient, an awareness of one’s self, and a professional, educated nursing professional. This is known as the metaparadigm of nursing. One aspect of this well studied model cannot be isolated. Each facet incorporates traits that attribute to the value of the next, creating complex interrelations among themselves.
Environment can describe many characteristics of the setting nursing care occurs in. It can include preventative measures made in communities, such as health fairs and clinic visits, or a transition to the higher level of care a trauma victim may require for optimal chances at survival. Light, Ventilation, clean water and sound are also featured in this part of nursing practice. Technology like mechanical ventilation, surgical suites and related sterile technique, and appropriate access to nutrition and shelter all relate to the overall health of patients. Without simple qualities of this milieu, health is compromised.
Health is a broad term that allows for many facets of being. It includes peer groups, genetics, spirituality, economic stability; self-concept, race, and age all impact the quality of one’s life. Links can begin to be easily developed between both environment and health. Examples include frostbite, nosocomial infection, germ reduction methods, parasitic infections, altered sleeping patterns resulting from increased stimuli, and evidence based practices like oral hygiene to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia.
The patient is recipient of health care provided in a particular environment. This system involves not only the client, but caregivers, family members and even community members. Churches, support gr...

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...stem of value, faith-hope, sensitivity to self and others, helping-trusting, human care relationship, expressing positive and negative feelings, creative problem-solving caring process, transpersonal teaching-learning, supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment, human needs assistance, and existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces.” (Watson, 1988, p. 75) Utilizing this application within the practice of nursing allows for both art and science. The use of evidence based practice mirroring scientific approach, versus the use of intuition and “caring-healing modalities (to) correspond to providing comfort measures.” (Cara, n.d., p. 8) Although no one theory can fully incorporate practice, Watson’s Caring Lens provides the best guidance for psychosocial, spiritual and physical care of both patient and caregiver.

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