Essay on Health Factors Of Health And Health

Essay on Health Factors Of Health And Health

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Health Factors

Health factors had multiple subthemes. The subthemes linked directly to individual behaviors and social determinants to health. Discussion of health behaviors correlated to an individuals like style and actions to maintain health. Diet, exercise, safe sex, and happiness are pivotal to health. There was the impression that “exercise, healthy eating, mental health as well as physical health”, “being healthy, getting shots, eating healthy”, and having a “positive outlook” impacted wellness.

Within the health factors, domain social determinants to health lead the discussion especially those linked to socioeconomic status. This relates directly to economic stability, education, social and community cultural factors. A participant mentioned that socioeconomic status has a major impact on health especially as it relates to insurance status, "They change if you are sick; the insurance charges you a lot, easy to get sick but hard to heal.” While others echoed this sentiment by mentioning “affordable and accessible healthcare” as essential to health. Another aspect of social determinants to health related to “access to healthy food and produce, affordability”. Participants elaborated on the cost of food and housing costs, “Money is a problem as many people in the county do not know people are suffering in their lives or that they have problems”. Homelessness was mentioned as a growing problem in Olmsted County with a participant stating, “there is lots of homeless people with low education, no breakfast. There are outlets to help with each but they are not all being used”. Again, this related directly to access and awareness of resources in the community.

Participants discussed the impact on education on health facto...

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...aces for exercise. The participants felt “Preserving trails and parks where people come together” and acknowledging that “People who want to be active have a lot of opportunity for sports, start of trail system” increases health.

Participants also mentioned that the local environment in Olmsted County needs to be open to people with a variety of health concerns especially those with chronic health conditions. This related to need for more support groups for disease like diabetes, having rehabilitation centers, and other community spaces to help improve health. A few examples to illustrate this point like, “YMCA is working with Mayo on child obesity and families, great success in cancer treatment and addressing their needs, there is needs in diabetes” and “New Olmsted Medical Center Women’s Clinic – increases awareness that women don’t get the care they deserve”.

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