The Health Crisis Of The Malcom Baldrige Award Program Essay

The Health Crisis Of The Malcom Baldrige Award Program Essay

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In 1894, researchers stated the United States was in a health crisis since we spend more than 30% of its income on health care. The Malcom Baldrige Award program soon became the answer to the health crisis in America. It is a recognized triumph of refining quality. Once some health care industries adapted the Baldrige Award and it made a significant change by providing ever-improving value to the customer and overall operational performance. Baldrige Award’s component of customer focused and satisfaction is one of the most important of the seven groups of the Baldrige Award.7. The Baldrige Award caused many hospitals to later adapt the Baldrige seven categories which are exhibited in Figure 3.18. Hospitals which adapted the Baldrige Award understand the customer focused category and excel to deliver quality and excellence across their services. mHealth app would not be a success if stakeholders and the development team are not aware of what is needed from the client. The requirements come into play during the initial meeting because this is where all information is collected to make sure the product and the team develops is what the client has requested. North Mississippi Health Services won the Malcom Baldrige Award in 2012 for quality. They showed how they could screen mammography via mobile mammography unit meaning NMHS were able to apply the ten core values and concept from the Baldrige Award. Their patients must have needed a fast response and an easier way to communicate with their doctors. The outcome was to deliver a mobile mammography which shows that the Baldrige Award has a huge impact in a health organization. Currently, there are hospitals using the seven categories of the Baldrige Award, which means...

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... security measurements and understanding of requirements. These three cores define a good app, of course apps go through a variety of versions but in order for an application to be successful an app should be bug-free, with secure security and have stable functionality. Hence, there are many validations and risks while developing an app. A development team must be prepared for the unexpected and have the encouragement to bring change to the medical world. Medical apps are transforming on how people take care of themselves. Today, health is different because of technology. We humans are taking technology transformations to make sure we are working out, taking our medications or even use a second approach to succeed in finding a cure. We are a step closer to finding all the cures to chronic disease due to the advancements that engineers an innovators have generated.

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