Health Care Professionals : Nurse Practitioners Essay

Health Care Professionals : Nurse Practitioners Essay

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Health Care Professionals
“To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse,” said Rawsi Williams, a registered RN. This quote completely captures the duties and responsibilities it takes to be in a healthcare profession. Like many health care occupations, nurse practitioners provide ‘patient-centered, accessible, high-quality health care’ (NP Public Awareness). They learn their roles by practicing in education facilities before heading out to the real world where everything they have learned help to save people’s lives. Now achieving doctorate degrees, nurse practitioners are slowly widening the professional field for nurses everywhere by continuing to maintain contact with patients with an education level as high as physicians. Nurse practitioners work with nurses to provide the best care for their patients using their ongoing education, the skills they’ve learned, and by following standard practices and ethical standards.
As a nurse practitioner, you are required to have a certain level of education. To become a nurse practitioner, you first must have a BSN, an RN, and a particular score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (Nurse Practitioner License). You also must have a master 's degree, a postmaster’s, or a doctorate in nursing, although there is a movement coming in 2015 that all nurse practitioners must have a doctorate. There is no licensure like the NCLEX (which all nurses must pass in order to practice) for nurse practitioners because they are licensed by the Board of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner License). They must be licensed by each state they would like to practice in. Most nurse practitioners also receive a licen...

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...portant. Their skill, knowledge, and love of their occupation help them to exceed in everything they do. Moving towards a required doctorate degree will open up many doors for nurse practitioners, as they will be seen as a more professional occupation. The role of every health care member is essential for a patient, and nurse practitioners are able to play a huge role in each case by providing assistance in diagnosing and treating patients, as well as researching different ways to help them. Having a nurse practitioner to help educate the patient’s family is so important because it allows the family to feel more involved with their loved one’s care. The way nurses and nurse practitioner’s follow the code of ethics and standards of practice give them the characteristics of honesty and loyalty, and without both of them, key parts of the patient’s care would be missing.

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