Health Care Practices For Your Country Essay

Health Care Practices For Your Country Essay

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MINIMUM 75 words - Describe the health care practices for your country. Include in this answer whether emphasis is placed on alternative medicine be specific or traditional medical model. With the Health Care Act in effect, citizens are given the option of preventative care and medical treatments from physician offices. Citizens also have access to hospitals and dental surgeries. However, in order to qualify for the Health Act, citizens must apply for a provincial health card. The Canadian Armed Forces, certain members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and inmates can not apply for a health card. For new immigrants, they must wait three months before applying for the health card. After receiving a health card, citizens are then able to choose a primary care physician. The availability of physicians depends on the number of doctors and the current demand for medical services. Canada chooses traditional medicine over alternative. The citizens rely on doctors and physicians more than they do on natural medicine, making them a traditional medical model.

MINIMUM 75 words - How do citizens of this country pay for their healthcare? The country of Canada has a health care policy called the Canada Health Act. Under the Health Act, federal legislation provides territories, also known as provinces, in Canada to receive health care services. With this Act in effect, citizens insurance are covered by primary care doctors, specialists, dental surgeries, as well as hospital visits. There are also several private clinics in Canada that offer specialized services. According to the Health Act, these private practices are not covered; however, many of these practices offer coverage. Some citizens have to pay out of pocket for their pre...

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...lthcare system was implemented in the U.S, people would be able to save a lot of money on their medical expenses.
MINIMUM 75 words - What would be the pros and cons? I think a major pro of implementing Canada 's health care system in the U.S. is the Canada Health Act offers more coverage than Obamacare. Another pro is people wouldn 't be able to cheat the system with the Canada Health Act. Some people in the U.S. try to cheat the system with Obamacare claiming they are hurt or injured when they really aren 't. This gives them mostly free health care when there is nothing wrong with them. With the Canada Health Act, everyone is able to qualify for the coverage, as with Obamacare, only certain people can apply. A big con to implementing this health care system is people would have to pay a lot higher taxes in order to keep receiving cheap medical services. (Kristen)

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