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Essay on Harley Davidson Inc. Company

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Harley-Davidson Inc. founded in 1903 and produced most of its motorcycles to be sold to the US military during World War 1. In 1953, Harley-Davidson became the only US motorcycle manufacturer for the next 46 years (Harley Davidson Museum). In 1988, Mr. Richard Teerlink was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Inc. until 1997 (Bloomberg). Mr. Teerlink started with Harley around 1981 as VP and CFO of Harley, which was when the company was trying to reshape its corporate culture. This was a time when the company was facing serious competition from Japanese motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, who were continuing to take up US market share since the 1960s. Harley-Davidson Inc. had to transform itself and break away from the typical corporate culture to fiercely compete with international manufacturers.
Richard Teerlink was the VP and CFO while Harley-Davidson motorcycles were making a comeback in the United States. In 1983, the company started to see growth in US market share of the leading motorcycle manufacturers. The company was able to grow due to the quality of the bikes being enhanced and production efforts being more efficient. Upper management also started what is called Harley Owners Group (HOG) to start the excitement between customers. This was a great way for the company to better its culture and give customers an opportunity to connect with each other and share stories. HOG eventually became a big success as the company continued to grow. Within six years from when the club started, it had 90,000 members, but now it is the biggest motorcycle club in the world with over 500,000 members. This is partly because Richard had helped Harley-Davidson became an international brand, which attracted more member...

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...yed learning about the leadership skills Richard Teerlink while he was the CEO of Harley-Davidson Inc. When he took over he not only had to deal with rebuilding the Harley name within the US, but also he dealt with international competition. After he rebuilt the company culture and made sure the bikes they were producing were of the best quality he decided to think on a global scale. Every decision he made was to get the company to gear up and be ready to go international. He did exactly what an international leader should do when deciding to sell their product in a different country. He thought locally and tried to appeal to the locals need and made sure the bikes reflected the customer 's need. Mr. Teerlink was able to implement tactics to get customers to interact with one another and have a very high respect for the brand Harley-Davidson.

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