Harley Davidson Strategic Management

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Strategic Management: Internal Analysis Name: Institution: Harley Davidson is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles. The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been producing motorcycles for more than 100 years. The company provides wholesale and retail financing and insurance programs principally to its dealers and customers. It operates in two business segments: motorcycles and related products segment and the financial services segment. The company undertakes building its position in the marketplace through new product launches, restructuring initiatives and strategic alliances. The company operates in an industry characterized by fierce competition. Its main competitors include Yamaha and Honda. Initially, the company operated in the United States and the European markets but of late it is venturing in the emerging markets. Strong brand image, operational efficiency and wide range of products and services on offer are the company principal strengths. The company boasts of one of the strongest brands in the world that has helped the company in attracting and retaining a loyal customer base. The company managed to establish a powerful brand image with its motorcycles attaining iconic status and being ranked among the most valuable brands in the world. Harley Davidson is permanent feature among the top 100 brands in the world. The high level of innovation and heavy investment in research and development has enabled the company to build resilient motorcycles known for durability, quality, design simplicity and traditional styling. The creativity of the company has enabled it achieve industry recognition for high quality, robust performance, best design and unwavering customer confidence a... ... middle of paper ... .... The company has also altered its marketing efforts in a bid to appeal to the young people and women. Previously, the company market initiatives targeted middle-aged men only. The company has also outsourced its manufacturing processes to reduce the cost of production enabling the company to offer its products at better prices. In addition, the company is planning to introduce low cc motorcycles that are relatively cheaper as it endeavors to diversify. Harley Davidson future outlook is bright. Its decision to enter emerging markets presents growth opportunities as the income levels in these countries rise. An increasing number of people in these countries have sufficient to afford luxuries such as motorbikes. Similarly, outsourcing would permit the company price its products competitively thus it gaining a competitive edge in the industry. References:

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