Hunk Engine Case Study

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Hunsk Engines is a motorcycle company that made the fatal mistake of expanding its research in the market on its new products. The companies main competitors were companies like Harley Davidson, where they sold classic products that were seen as something with altering respect. Marty Echt is hired on by Hunsk Engines to restore the company’s image, on what used to be classic motorcycles. He argues that the company made the mistake of forgetting about its original products and, “lost its identity”. This problem frequently happens when companies attempt to grow, in order for new products to make it in the market place you have to carefully strategize its competitive characteristics and know when to introduce a new product through Michael Porters life cycle.
Michael Porter tells us how the life cycle works through stages, first of which is the development phase, into the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Hunsk motors didn’t carefully take into account each phase of its product sold, and lacked the ability to connect consumers towards the motorcycles identity. By introducing...

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