Hardcore Music And The Rock Music Essay

Hardcore Music And The Rock Music Essay

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Coming from someone who listens to rock music, people who don’t listen to this genre and hate it would put you into categories such as rebel, violent, troublemaker, Satanist, outcast, etc. the list goes on. But what they got right about rock music is about rebelling and disobeying when it comes to higher authority. Punk music is a great example of bands and artists using their music to give the people a voice to fight against authority and make a change. Since the rock music that everyone knows is considered Western music, I looked for other types of rock music in other parts of the world and went for Mexican punk rock.
A band called “Maldita Vecindad”, is the most influential group in Mexico and is known for making political statements in their music especially for the poor and working class. The band consist of six member: Tiki, Aldo, Sax, Pacho, Lobo, and Roco. Maldita Vecindad, or Damn Neighborhood if translated to English, originated in Mexico City around the 1980’s. The name of the band came from the nineteenth or early twentieth century residential buildings with a courtyard and shared laundry rooms and bathrooms that low class families live in. The band was influenced by other bands and artists and also work with them which fuses rock music with folk music and other types of music characteristics. They first appeared during the movement of the earthquake that struck in 1985 which called out against the electoral fraud and expressed the struggles the people who were victims. From listening to the songs from their album,”Juntos”, one can hear certain characteristics of different genres being fused such as rock, punk, reggae, ska, alterative, blues, calypso, and traditional, which made their own unique sound and the lyric w...

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...ong is about fighting since in the lyrics it says “If you don’t bash (hit) him first, he will you know”. Most of the lyrics its saying “pobre de ti”. There is also in the lyrics about going to jail and no one came to visit. The lyrics to me is just weird and I have no idea of what is the meaning to it. It can mean something different than it was intended or there is something deeper.
There are different types of rock music around the world, but the ideology of punk rock works the same everywhere. Punk rock is made to challenge and go against authorities and call out the wrong in society. It bring people together that have similar backgrounds and struggles and let them have a voice. Maldita Vecindad was able to accomplish that and I can see how they were influential and unique from their music from fusing punk rock elements with other elements from different genres.

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