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Discussion This study demonstrated that pop music influences happiness mood. As hypothesized participants in the pop music category were influence by the music and seem happier. The analysis revealed that participants in the rock and classical music categories didn’t have an effect in their mood. The results for rock and classical music did not supported the hypothesis, which rock music causes a person to have an aggressive mood, and classical music will lead to a calmer mood. The data support the primacy effect pop music results supported the hypothesis that pop music leads to a happier mood. The results from this data support from previous literature research such as the pop category. The results could also interpret as support for (Hargreaves, 1999). People make their music preferences based on the emotional state they are in (Hargreaves, 1999). The analysis revealed that pop music scored higher than students who had rock or classical. The implications for this study are to examine if music influence mood in a negative or positive aspect). As an outcome happiness mood correlated with pop music . There wasn’t no effect between rock music and aggressive mood. Classical music didn’t have a relationship between classic music and calm mood. The results of this study wouldn’t be able to support (Jordana Mena, 2007). This consists of classical music being composed with different emotions based on the key and time signature it is on. If the classical piece is written in a higher key then they saw different mood responses than the classical pieces written in a low key (Jordan Mena, 2007). This study has provided that music is more than just a piece, of a lyric, beat, or instrument it has been proven that music can help people ... ... middle of paper ... ...he sample size to be a larger valid size. An earlier start of collecting data would have increased the changes of collecting more surveys/participants. All of the participants range age range was 18-32 . To have better results of this study there should of being a division of each age group. On the other hand, there should of being different categories of ethnicity , and due the majority population of the size being Latinos in San Diego State University – IV Campus , there wasn’t a difference in the results. Also, another limitation was an unequal in gender. ( 20 male, 43 female, 1 missing). Not using every single type of music categories ,may be a limitation, but instead the study was to focus in major music genres. Additionally, the length of the song might of been to short or to long . Future research could focus attempts to develop a more effective scales.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the primacy effect of pop music, which supports the hypothesis that it leads to a happier mood.
  • Explains the implications of the effects of music on mood, stating that music is a critical part for the success of people, whether positive or negative.
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