The Influence Of Rock Music

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Rock music was born back in the 1950’s, it was, back then, called “Rock n Roll”, and this type of music changed all music because of how new and popular it was and became. Chuck berry was the man who invented rock music.

Rock n Roll music is different from all the other types of music; it is more upbeat and usually has a faster tempo thus making it music that you want to dance to. Rock music can also be identified by the type of instruments used in the song, for example, if a lot of guitar is being used, then it is most likely to be a song that falls under the rock genre or the heavy metal one.

Chuck Berry played a huge part in the influencing and evolving of the genre known as “Rock n Roll,” he was such a big influence that he was known
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Sam Phillips, the owner of the record label that Elvis made his first demo in, “Sun Studio,” took Elvis under his wing and so Elvis then started touring and making more music and his first single was “That’s all right,” and it was released in 1954.

Elvis Presley was a very successful person in the music business back in the 1950’s, he hit number one with his song “Heartbreak Hotel,” and hit number one with his album “Elvis Presley,” he then acted in his first movie “Love me tender” in 1956 which made him even more popular and famous than he already was. After that, Elvis became a very known person; he was on a lot of TV shows and radio stations.

Elvis soon after joined the army in the March of 1958 and fought in Germany, and when his mother passed away, he attended her funeral but left to finish his duty as a soldier in Germany where he met his wife to be, Priscilla Beaulieu. They got married in 1967 after he left the Army in 1960 and reestablished his career of being one of the top musicians of his time. Also, in his time of getting back on top, he acted in many other movies and even started his own TV show called “68 Comeback,” in 1968 when he realized that his career was going
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