Suga Boom Boom By James Williams

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1780 words

Suga Boom Boom (Chasing Dragons) was written and sung by D. L. Downer a.k.a. James Williams and his 16-year-old niece Laleazy. It is a rap and hip-hop song that was released on October 26, 2014. It was produced as a single by MajorEpic music label and is two minutes and fifty-five seconds long. This song is a metaphor for James Williams’ life and it is about a man who was working and living his life like everyone else when he was led to try heroin for the first time. This caused him to lose his job because he was not going to work. One day when he was going through severe withdrawals, he decided to attack and rob a man, even though he was in clear view of the cops because he wanted more heroin. Suga Boom Boom is like a metaphor for James Williams’ …show more content…

“While we all did some things that were in poor taste, not all of us resorted to such desperate measures. Sure, some did, but not all of us. This has made society view drug addicts virtually as lesser beings. The effect it has had in my life is a loss of trust by others who are aware of my past addiction issues” ( Many people see drug addicts as lowlifes who need to stop doing drugs and believe that it is easy to do so. They believe that all drug addicts are scum, that they are not people like everybody else. They do not see it as a disease and because of this they tend to completely shut out the family member or friend suffering from this. In an interview with PocosPeroLocos.FM Williams …show more content…

The Spanish words used in this song are: drogas, tiempo, yesca, jale, morena, and Vato. Drogas means drugs in English and tiempo means time in English. Yesca, means weed or marijuana in Spanish. Jale, is the conjugated form of the verb to pull in Spanish. When D.L. Downer says “Got to feed mi Jale…” (Suga Boom Boom) he is saying that he has to feed his addiction, he has to get more drugs. Morena, means dark-haired and/or dark-skinned woman in English. When Downer says “Fine little morena black on black even her eyes” (Suga Boom Boom) he is saying that she has dark hair, skin, and eyes. Vato, means dude or guy in English, but it has a negative connotation as a guy that you do not like or get along with. Downer refers to “chasing dragons,” a total of nine times, including once in the title. As described in the Urban Dictionary, chasing dragons refers to the high that you get the first few times you smoke opium, it makes the person happy, and makes all the troubles go away, but the rest of the time you are fiening for that high again but it gets harder and harder making you want to smoke more and more until you have nothing

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how suga boom boom (chasing dragons) was written and sung by d. l. downer and his 16-year-old niece laleazy. the song is a metaphor for james williams' life.
  • Explains that james williams was addicted to meth for 20 years before he went to prison and wanted to be high and not get caught. he tried spice for three years and was at odds with his family due to their disapproval.
  • Opines that the road to recovery and rehabilitation is not an easy one, as williams says in his interview.
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