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Throughout history music has had a profound effect on a person’s mind, body, and consciousness. A song or piece of music can trigger vivid memories, and induce emotions ranging from deep sorrow to unabashed joy. Music can drive listeners to patriotic fervor or religious frenzy, or it can soothe the savage beast we call human. There have been many advances in technology that have let us study how music affects the brain. Music causes all sorts of activity in the brain, especially during musical improvisation. Music can tremendously help people with certain mind damaging diseases, and in some cases it can have negative effects. What is music? To some, music is only that of masters like Beethoven, Debussy, and Mozart. To some it is Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, or music groups like Moby. To the jazz aficionados, anything before 1940 or after 1960 is not music at all. So to examine how music affects our minds, thoughts, and spirits, it would be helpful to examine what music is made of. What are the basic building blocks of music, and how, through organization, do they come together to make music? To any sound, there are basic elements; loudness, pitch, contour, duration (or rhythm), timbre, spacial location, tempo, and reverberation. Just as a painter arranges lines into forms, our brains organize these attributes into higher level concepts like meter, harmony, and melody. So when we listen to music, we are actually perceiving multiple dimensions or attributes. For cognitive scientists and psychologists, the mind is that part of everyone that embodies our memories, thoughts, hopes, desires, beliefs, and experiences. On the other hand, the brain is an organ of the body. It is a collection of chemicals and blood vessels, cells and water th... ... middle of paper ... ...expanding, etc. But some types of music, that which has offensive or immoral lyrics, can be detrimental to a person’s mind. Aaron Smuts asks the question: “Do moral flaws with works of art constitute aesthetic flaws?” Smuts asked this question after he heard a rap song with violent, sexist, racist, rapist, and murderous lyrics. When so many people listen along and sing to music like this it is like they delight in fictional suffering and that is intrinsically bad. As time goes on and technological capabilities increase, so too will knowledge of how music affects our brains. Scientists will be able to discover the full potency of the effects of music on our psyche, and how improvisation and creativity in music affect the brain along with immoral lyrics in certain music. Understanding this subject is relevant to becoming and better musician, student, and teacher.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that music has profound effects on a person's mind, body, and consciousness. it can trigger vivid memories, induce emotions, drive listeners to patriotic fervor, or soothe the savage beast.
  • Explains that music affects our minds, thoughts, and spirits by examining the basic building blocks of music.
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