Essay on Handling Conflict And Developing Proper Conflict Resolution Methods

Essay on Handling Conflict And Developing Proper Conflict Resolution Methods

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Dealing with conflict is one of the important concepts that we have to confront in society. Working through issues of disagreement is a necessity, especially at work. Handling conflict and developing proper conflict resolution methods can lead to a productive and enjoyable work environment. The healthcare field, as enlightened and educated as its people may be, has the same disagreements and arguments found in any work place. As providers, it is their duty to resolve issues in a professional manner to reflect positive on their facility. Properly negotiating difficult situations can help people grow. Learning to deal with unpleasant predicaments, rather than avoiding, is crucial.
Conflicts arise from differences in perspectives. It can be disagreements about values, motives, perceptions, ideas or desires that grow and fester when they are ignored. When a patient has a concern, it is important to resolve it immediately. This is good in several ways. Most importantly, it is excellent customer service. Many issues cannot be corrected while the patient watches. The key is to address the issue. People feel better if they understand that they are being heard. As a healthcare provider, we may not have the same perception as the patient. Helping them to see our perspective can alleviate multiple problems.
Healthcare has become an aggressive and massively competitive business. Providers need to be able to understand and connect with patients to ensure better service to meet the patient needs. The medical assistant (MA) is usually the first contact and initial impression regarding the type of treatment that will be given. The appearance of the facility is a second key that helps the MA in giving the right appearance. Together, they create...

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...ts is essential. Questions from patients should be answered carefully and thoughtfully. The greatest error can be giving too much information or saying things that are for the doctor-patient conversation. When such issues arise, the employee should simply explain their error to their manager. The mistake of saying too much is always lurking in the background as you gain professional experience. It is important to pause and think of what has to be said to calm the patient and prepare the groundwork for the doctor.
Creating a professional and positive experience for a patient requires many aspects and skills. The demeanor of the medical professional and the appearance of the environment is critical for making a place for people to feel secure and safe. Patients can easily find flaws and concerns in a dirty office, unprofessional behavior, and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

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