Abusive behavior in the Health Profession Decreases the Value of Care Patients

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For decades authority has been abused in the medical field. Those working under abusive directors deserve to be treated as equals not based on their education or job title, but as individuals who are there to achieve one goal. Abusive behavior in the health profession decreases the value of care patients could receive. If society cannot ensure reliable medical care who will heal the sick? Studies show that nurses who are mistreated by their coworker with more power are more likely to mistreat the patients. Not only should the patient be treated with respect, but so should the nurses who work under doctors who abusive their authority.
Generation after generation, times are improving while others are still living with past habits and behaviors. Some health care workplaces are still living in the past by allowing doctors to abuse their power towards nurses who work "under" them. Not realizing the effects they have not only on the nurses, but on the patients as well. Doctors and nurses should collaborate to ensure patients get quality health care treatment, instead of focusing on their education differences.
In the past, and some doctors today have the perception that "No matter how gifted she may be, she will never become a reliable nurse until she can obey without question" (Fagin, 2004). A nurse should be reliable as long as her skills demonstrate she is a fully capable nurse who is dedicated to the well being of patients. Instead doctors allow their ego to get in the way of them properly using their power. "Self confidence also influences collaboration effectiveness. Paradoxically, some people cover their lack of confidence with bravado or forcefulness." (Lindeke, 2005). There is no excuse why nurses should be mistreated ...

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...verbal, sometimes physical abuse from doctors. Nurses are hired to take care and protect patients, but cannot even protect themselves. Boundaries should be set Jennifer Uman for the nurses, by the doctors so there would not be any confusion when told what to do. There should be a clear understanding between the responsibilities of a doctor and their nurses. Ultimately, these two people work hand in hand to heal, and be a blessing to others. There should not be any mistreatment between the doctors and nurses, but loyalty and kindness instead. "Instead of boundary disputes and substitution squabbles effort could be directed towards capitalizing on the wealth and skills that all professionals can bring to bear on solving health problems. This fresh approach to the division of labor puts the patient at the centre for the first time" (Smith, 2005).
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