Haiti : A Small Developing Country Around The Equator Essay

Haiti : A Small Developing Country Around The Equator Essay

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Haiti is a small developing country around the equator. It shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Due to the fact Haiti is situated near the equator, the country experiences a rather warm and humid climate. The average temperature for the country varies based on the time and location where the recording is taking place. Near the beginning of the year, the temperature will average 25 degrees Celsius, but in the summer, the average temperature rises to about 30 degrees Celsius (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). In addition, the location is critical as the temperature can differ greatly because of the altitude. At Port-au-Prince, which is at sea level, the temperature averages 26 degrees Celsius. However, higher up in the mountains, the temperature can average about 16 degrees Celsius (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016).
Since Haiti shares an island with another country, the precipitation may differ depending on which side of the island the country is on. Haiti can be found on the island’s leeward side, this will decrease the effects of humid trade winds. But Haiti does still have some humid areas, these areas can be found on the north and east slopes of Haiti’s mountains (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). The precipitation of the island is varied, as some regions are dry while others areas have rainy seasons. The rainy seasons can occur between April- June for some area, but will happen in May-November for the others (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016).
The climate of this nation also causes some natural disasters to ensue in certain regions. A prime example of this would be Haiti’s southern peninsula. This region is prone to hurricanes more often than Haiti’s other regions (Encyclopedia Britannic...

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... used more often. While this can bring out the most from the land, the environment suffers. The excessive fertilizer not taken up by the plants will runoff the land and may end up in a source of water, such as a stream or river. The fertilizer contains nutrients that the water will absorb and cause algae to bloom. This algae will block the sunlight and reduce the oxygen in the water until the aquatic species in the water die. This is a problem for our nation and the world as the death of these species will not only lower the food supply for the citizen of our nation and the world. But it can cause a chain reaction as the species who died played a key role in the ecosystem and without it the ecosystem will die, possibly affecting other systems around the world. If this were to happen, there could be massive negative impacts causing damage that affects the whole world.

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