Gun Control And The Government Should Put More Restrictions On Firearms Essay

Gun Control And The Government Should Put More Restrictions On Firearms Essay

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This paper will discuss modern problems on gun control and whether or not the government should put more restrictions on firearms. The following report will try to persuade you to reconsider your options the next time you think of buying a gun. Citizens should consider the benefits and liabilities that comes with owning a gun.
Buying and owning a firearm is like signing a contract. Once brought, the owner is placed in a special database in which both the state and government are aware which individuals own a gun. Even though purchasing a gun can be looked upon as normal, the ways it could be used says otherwise. A gun could be brought to hunt, show off or even for protection if needed. But no matter what good intentions the gun was brought for, it could easily take the life of a person. There are various articles that explain the cons of owning such a dangerous firearm. One of these articles expresses the concerns of the outside view of people who believe that owning a gun should be illegal and that it would endanger the safety of the public. A chart is given to show how many of the people own guns and for what reasons as well. About 48% have guns for protection and only 32% have it for hunting so that leaves a question that many want answered. There is 20% left and they are left uncategorized as to whether or not they own a gun and if they do then what do they need it for.
Guns can and cannot be owned depending on what that certain individual beliefs should be allowed. Owning a gun could also represent the fact that it could be contradicting the fact that the government says it wants to protect the people, but in reality could be doing the complete opposite. By protecting the people the government is allowing for them to arm the...

... middle of paper ...

... the facts, the safest option would just too not own a gun at all. The risks outweigh the benefits and that’s why the police exist with their own weapons to help protect the public. While the constitution does give an individual rights to own a gun, they should primarily be sold to people who use it for hunting. Just buying a gun to have or for protection isn’t a really valid reason to own a firearm. Those who look for a reason to feel safe should contact the authority and get professional help instead of taking matters into their own hands. Guns in my opinion should be banned and not available to the public at all. The evidence shown of mass murders accuring in other states is enough to change anyone’s mind. Whether gun restrictions are placed or not, there will always be conflict and guns are bound to be involved in certain cases not matter what the cause may be.

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