The War on Gun Control

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Gun Control War
We are no stranger to gun control debate and controversy here in the U.S. We hear of gun deaths, mass and school shootings on the news on a daily basis. Is it safe to say that the U.S. needs permanent gun control laws to protect its citizens or would it be in violation the constitution? The second amendment was written by our founding fathers back in 1791 in a day where it was common for any citizen to own a weapon. Many times we tend to misinterpret our rights as well as we do with gun control laws. As George Washington once said “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined”. Have we shown ourselves to be disciplined enough to have the right to bear arms or have we not, which would explain the massive gun control laws that have passed and been attempted to be approved here in the U.S. Gun control has become a huge controversial issue in the U.S. with the passing of many Gun control laws which lead many U.S. citizens believe to be unconstitutional.
It has been estimated that out of every one hundred Americans approximately 88 own a gun, and an estimated eleven thousands deaths involving a fire arm occurred in 2013. A recent study by Harvard Medical school and school of public health show that states with stricter gun control laws work in reducing gun related homicides and suicides. So here is where we ask the question if gun control laws are unconstitutional. Or are they put into action and enforced for our own safety. It has been proven to make change and to make it a safer place to live if gun control laws are passed. Over time we have encountered many laws that made it hard for people to possess guns, such as The national Fire Arms Act of 1938 which only allowed fully automatic weapons to be...

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... government.” He clearly states that the right to bear arms was indeed intended to provide self-defense against a government where people believe it to be ruling the unconstitutional. This is also clearly what gun control tries to provide for people since the aspect of it has changed over the years and is neglected by many.
Gun control still remains as one of the delicate topics that the government discusses. With so many occurrences of shootings that lead to death make people realize that something should be done. Gun control has helped stop and lower the distribution among citizens and has helped lower crime rates. Although many people will argue it is our natural right to own a fire arm there should be restrictions. Gun control helps us keep our first amendment of the constitution, the pursuit of happiness, because no one has the right to take away your life.
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