Why Gun Laws Should Be Regulated

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Why Guns Should Be Regulated The United States being the leader in per-capita gun deaths among industrialized nations, massive shooting such as Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech, and an average of 33 people dying in the United States everyday due to gun related violence are all reasons that we not only should, but need to regulate gun laws. Why Should Guns be Regulated? Gun Laws need to be regulated for multiple reasons. For one thing multiple sources including the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention have listed the United States as having the highest rate of firearm violence among industrialized nations and being the leader in per-capita gun deaths among industrialized nations. The CDC about one hundred thousand americans are victims of gun violence and thirty thousand people die from gun related wounds every year. As If those 4 stats weren’t enough to justify guns being regulated, we still have to worry about things like gun shows which use loopholes in our current laws to sell guns to mentally ill people or former felons which are then used to help contribute to the multiple school shootings that we’ve seen over the years and other gun related crimes. Dangers Of Lax Regulation There have been multiple incidents in American history alone that could have been avoided had existing gun regulation laws been enforced and monitored. Such incidents would include the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting, the 1997 Columbine High School shooting, and a 2011 shooting involving Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. All these incidents were caused by a lack of funding by the federal government for expanded background checks and a loophole in the current set of laws that allows guns to be sold... ... middle of paper ... ...ry weapons when in actuality it is only allowing members of the military to have weapons. This way of seeing the 2nd amendment was upheld in the Supreme Court in 1939 when the courts ruled that the 2nd amendment only guarantees the right to bear arms in the context of a state’s ability to form a militia. What Still Needs To Be Done We need to continue creating new legislation to regulate gun laws. As previously pointed out, there are loopholes in our current set of laws that allow for people to bypass the background check system completely at times. We first must look into ways of upgrading our current existing laws to ensure problems like this don’t keep happening. After that, as has been discussed earlier and seen in other countries around the world, we must continue to pass gun legislation laws because it will help to reduce overall violent crimes in the country.
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