Group Norm Development and Leasership Essay

Group Norm Development and Leasership Essay

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Group Formation and Structure
Group Development
Norm Development
Group communication networks
Personality qualities relevant to leadership
Task vs. Relationship Leadership
Leadership Styles

The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the members of group 1 (The Fantastics) in terms of behavior by looking at personal experience and connecting them to academic research and theory. The Fantastics consist of five members: team member A, 24-year-old female student in human resources Studies, team member B, 24-year-old male in psychology studies, team member C, 21-year-old female in psychology studies, team member D, 25-year-old female in psychology studies and team member E, 21-year-old female in psychology studies who dropped the course during the third week. She was an aggressive leader who everyone feared; team member A decided to replace her role and as a result the group adopted a more fluid structure. The findings of this experiment were that the teams’ roles became more obvious, norm developed and the group became more interactive, cohesive, efficient and productive in managing conflicts as well as completing tasks.

Group Formation and Structure
Group Development
In the beginning, it was conspicuous that the team members felt low levels of intimacy. The team building activities on the first day were helping them become more familiar with each other and build rapport. Team member E took the leadership role and aggressively led the team while others remained polite and compliant. She took the liberty of choosing a name and a slogan for the group without considering their suggestions. With her presence there was no sense of cohesion due to her authoritarian style: therefore, upon team member...

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