Essay on Graduation Speech For A Graduate Program

Essay on Graduation Speech For A Graduate Program

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I was the first in my family to attend college and I am the first person to apply to a Graduate program. I am the sole individual in my large family. Unfortunately, this is true for many individuals of immigrant parents. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from University of California, Santa Barbara. Education is the key to developing the future and by adopting new teaching practices to help advance the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics we are creating a positive feedback cycle that allows more individuals to pursue a higher education.
Working towards a bachelor of arts in lieu of a bachelor of science allowed me to expand my range of interests. I took alternative classes and broadened my horizons. I was introduced to the world of parasites and theater and neurobiology and worked throughout my junior and senior year. I had to learn time management and had to learn to overcome communication barriers to succeed. On the surface, my various academic passions did not overlap; however, the studying skills and the ability to retain information became a universal platform I would continue to hone and use.
Entering into the world of Chemistry brought on an entirely new skillset. While I had taken laboratory courses in the subject, I quickly realized that working in a laboratory was much different. I learned from two managers with different teaching styles. One, utilized her time with me to show me the standard operating procedure, the other, handed me a written copy of instructions. These two different teaching styles allowed me to develop my own set of teaching instructions. I developed a standard method for teaching new employees chemical safety and handling. It always started with the studen...

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...side of the bench allows them the opportunity to see how a laboratory functions on a larger scale. They are taught to anticipate safety hazards for all chemicals that are kept in stock for year around use. A designed and structured program can allow technicians to advance responsibilities for its workers by gauging their skill levels.
Developing a method to train and assess student assistants in Science and Environmental Policy through the Instructional Science and Technology masters program will advance California State University, Monterey Bay students to be strong competitors in their fields after graduation. As supervisors to these students, it is in my best interest to watch them flourish and develop new skills in the laboratory. They are extensions of my knowledge and will represent Monterey Bay Otters throughout their careers. Together, we can help them succeed

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