Persuasive Essay On High School Graduation

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High school graduation is a milestone in our lives where we are able to celebrate the end of a journey, our new found freedom, and our first step into the “real world”, also known as adulthood. It is a night full of reminiscing on the memories we made with the classmates who have been by our sides since kindergarten, the classmates that we may not ever see again. It is a night with mixed emotions, teary eyes, smiles of relief, laughter as we think back on all of the memories we shared, talk of the colleges and universities we will be attending, what we will be doing, and the unbelievable realization that we finally did it; we graduated. It is an accomplishment we should be proud of, a night we should look back on. High school graduation is …show more content…

The last thing anyone wishes for at any given time is to lose a loved one. When drinking alcohol, you are putting other people and yourself at risk for engaging in dangerous decisions such as drunk driving, alcohol poisoning, memory problems, and impaired decision making which can lead to a multitude of regrets. The next chapter of our lives has now begun, we should not let it end so soon, we are just getting started with our future. For years graduates have made the decision to attend Project Graduation, and over the years the number of alcohol-related deaths on graduation night has decreased enormously. I am thrilled to be able to attend Project Graduation and enjoy my last night with the friends who have helped me on my journey through high school. I hope that every student in the Class of 2016 makes plans to attend the party that will keep all of us safe and away from alcohol and other substances. 79% of students took a poll and said that they were likely to drink and drive or get in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking on the night of graduation. That percentage should go down fast. Do not put yourself and others in the dangerous situation that could result in the loss of your life or someone else’s. Take the alternative choice, join the party at

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that high school graduation is an enormous turning point in each of our lives, but unfortunately, it can easily turn into a tragic event.
  • Explains that graduation night is an exceedingly dangerous decision, increasing your chances of serious injuries such as alcohol poisoning, impaired judgement, physical and sexual assault, and even worse, death.
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