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1555 words

Every individual has a unique and heartfelt story about their life. No two are the same, we all walk our own paths in life. Over the entirety of my writing, I will let you see me and the circumstances that have made me who I am. In life, certain properties can impact us in ways we cannot foresee. In my autobiography, I plan on talking about who I am as a person and all the certified facts of my birth. I will introduce you to the people in my life who have had the most impact. Through my story I will introduce you to the events that make me who I am, Tristen Parker. On the morning of April 7, 1997 at St. Josephs’ Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas a baby boy was born. Because of my impatience to come into this world a month early and the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they learned to walk and talk with their parents, who took them on long trips to different states. they loved to watch movies and play video games.
  • Explains that their dad and mom are working class people who have worked hard all their lives. they value each other and the family, and discuss the best options when important decisions need to be made.
  • Narrates how they were diagnosed with adhd at 3 years of age. they were referred to a pediatrician who diagnosed them with aspergers.
  • Narrates how tristen parker, a 4lb. 7 oz. baby boy, was born at st. josephs' hospital in hot springs, arkansas, and had two reconstructive surgeries on his penis.
  • Describes how their mother, mrs. miller, saved them in middle school and helped them achieve their goals.

My mom and dad were my playmates, since there weren’t any other children in the family my age. We did everything together, we swam and picnicked in the summers and played in the snow in the winter. They took me on long trips to different states where we visited all the tourist spots. I was a very busy little boy all the time, but one of my favorite things was to watch my movies and eat my goldfish crackers. As I grew I began to play video games, it is still one of my favorite things to do for relaxation. I also loved to go to my “Da and Ninnys” house. My great grandparents were so good to me, I loved them and they loved me. I got to spend as much time as I wanted with them, they were getting older in age and their health had begun to decline over the years. The same was true with my other great grandmother “memaw”, she was at our house a lot over the years and she doted on me all the time. I had it made back …show more content…

I was on the honor roll! I no longer had to dread report cards! Then I had all A’s! Wow! I was going to make it! Grades weren’t the only thing that was changing, I was changing in a lot of ways. I cleaned myself up, grew my hair a little longer and I grew my first beard and mustache. You guessed it! I had started noticing girls and they were beautiful! None more beautiful than the girl I took to my junior and senior prom, Miss Alex Bradley. She made my proms worth renting the tuxedos. I will always remember her as one of my best friends. These were the years that I began a friendship with someone who would turn out to be my best friend (John Phillips). John isn’t just my friend, he is my brother for life. Before I knew it school was almost over, it was a time for graduation and all the things that come with it. We were swept up in appointments for pictures, cap and gown fittings, and then there were the Awards. I dreaded it, I wasn’t expecting anything, when all of a sudden my name was called! I was awarded the Algebra II award, Completers Award, and a full scholarship to National Park Community College! My parents were so proud and excited! My short walk across the stage ended my years at Jessieville and was a new beginning coming into

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