Grade Class At Ferguson Elementary School Essay

Grade Class At Ferguson Elementary School Essay

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I completed 20 hours of field work this semester in Ms. Moon’s fifth grade class at Ferguson Elementary school. Ferguson is a Title I school that serves disadvantaged students within the district. The Title I program allocates funds to schools with a certain amount of students that qualify to receive free and reduced meals. The main purpose of the Title I program is to ensure that all students have access to quality instruction and resources that will help them meet state academic standards. I never thought that I would have connected as well as I did with the students in this class. Not only did I learn that patience is a virtue with fifth graders, but I also realized that I cannot wait to have my own classroom and teach one day!
Ferguson Elementary
Many of the teachers at Ferguson Elementary are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Being bi-lingual helps the teachers communicate better with parents that speak mainly Spanish. The one thing that I loved most about Ferguson Elementary school was the nonprofit organization that was set up for people to donate school related items. This organization is dedicated to providing certain financial resources to help students that cannot afford to buy school supplies. This can be caused by many different reasons. One reason being socioeconomic status being low in a particular area. I was honored to help with this organization by supplying pencils, paper and markers for these students. As well as to know that I not only helped the school, but I helped students that were in my classroom.
The classroom setting that I was involved in was nothing short of amazing. I was in a fifth grade classroom, but it wasn’t your typical fifth grade classroom. One of the first things I...

... middle of paper ...

...em, and I was so happy when I checked it to see that he got it right. After learning about extrinsic incentives I went and put a huge gold star on his paper and he was smiling from ear to ear. After experiencing this I realized that not every kid is going to be self-motivated. Sometimes it takes an extra push from a teacher to motivate their students.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed my time with these fifth grade students. I never thought I would learn so much in such little time. I had a great teacher who made me feel like I was also a teacher, and wonderful students who made me feel the same. After seeing all of the different learning and behavioral styles I feel more prepared now than I ever have. I cannot wait to have a classroom and students of my own. I am so thankful for this experience. Ms. Moons fifth grade classroom will forever have a place in my heart.

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