The Google Self-Driving Automobile Essay

The Google Self-Driving Automobile Essay

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The Google Self-Driving Automobile
In 2010, Google broadcasted that they created an archetype of a car that can drive itself; its purpose, to avert collisions, allow citizens more time, and cut down on harmful pollutants that vehicles produce (Poczter & Jankovic, 2014). The heart of the self-driving automobile is lasers that are mounted on the roof of a modified Toyota Prius that produces a precise three-dimensional atlas of the area surrounding the car. Furthermore, the automobile is outfitted with four radars, and another laser around the vehicle that allows it to precisely create a 3-D map of its surroundings (Poczter & Jankovic, 2014). The vehicle calculates the laser dimensions with high-resolution maps of the globe, which allows it to drive itself without human intervention, while evading obstacles and obeying traffic laws (How Google’s self-Driving Car Works, 2011).
The goals behind self-driving cars are to decrease collisions, traffic jams and the use of gas and harmful pollutants. The autonomous automobile is able to maneuver around objects and create swift lines of cars on roadways (How Google’s self-Driving Car Works, 2011). The autonomous vehicle can react faster than humans can, meaning less accidents and the potential to save thousands of lives. Another purpose and vision for these cars is that vehicles would become a shared resource. When someone needed a car, he or she could just use his or her Smartphone and a self-sufficient car would drive up and pick him or her up.
While many people are all about autonomous cars and the benefits that they will bring to society, there are people who oppose driver less cars. Google has faced major censure from critics that are uneasy with the method that the automobile will u...

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...rk because glucose levels can change so often. The Google contact lens project is testing smart contact lens that are produced to gauge glucose levels in tears using microscopic wireless chips and miniature glucose sensors which are implanted between two layers of contact lens material (Introducing our smart contact lens project, n.d.). They are currently experimenting with prototypes that will have the capability of producing a reading every second, and are even considering integrating LED lights to help warn the wearer that their glucose levels have increased or dropped within normal range (Introducing our smart contact lens project, n.d.). While Google is still in the beginning stages of this project, they are in discussions with the FDA and others partners in order to eventually bring this creation to reality (Introducing our smart contact lens project, n.d.).

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