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The adventure of driving a car for the first time is rapidly seizing to exist. We may never get that time with our kids, teaching them the thrill it is to drive. The experience we all remember shall die off with our generation; a sacrifice we have to make to ensure our lives are safer. The self-driving car is still not completely autonomous but significant progress has been made just in the last few years to make a fully self-driving car a reality. The history, mechanics and the future of the car all help lift this to the next level. The changes we would have to fully accept as our lives for once are not in our control but instead our lives are in the control of technology. Firstly, the history behind the self-driving car is all the trial…show more content…
All these companies except Google and now Tesla are working on cars that are not completely autonomous. It’s more of a car that assists the driver in every way, making the trip both more protected and uncomplicated. The driver would still have to be watchful at all times ready to take over if the car confronts an uncontrollable problem. If a car should encounter such a problem it will recognize and alert the driver ahead of time, the designers of this technology have predicted it would take ten seconds for the vehicle to let the driver know and for them to take over driving (Ford 185). Many can see a problem with having to be ready at a moment’s notice, when you’re not driving you’re not fully alert of what’s going on around you. You would have to fight the urge to look at your phone or doze off for a few seconds because it could still, like in today’s automation world, cost you your life. The two major powerhouses behind the automation battle is Google and Tesla. Both their cars use many cameras to see everything in front, to the side and behind them. Sensors to determine shape, size and distance of objects, people and other cars. Data such as GPS to inform the car exactly where it is at any point. This all has to be combined with a computer intelligent enough to use all this information coherently to drive, change lanes, brake and make split second decisions that generate a self-driving car. The main difference between the two companies is their decision on what sensors they use. In Googles cars they use LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and in Tesla’s cars they use RADAR. LIDAR “reflects multiple laser pulses off of objects that surround the car and measures the distance and time that each pulse has traveled. From these measurements, the LIDAR system can provide accurate information on the height and distance of objects” (Krambeck 3). LIDAR is

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