The Good Guy That Kills The Monsters Essay

The Good Guy That Kills The Monsters Essay

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What is the definition of a man? Is he the hero in an action film? The good guy that kills the monsters? An outdoors man that prefers to hike in the woods and canoe across a lake? According to media and marketing in our society, yes. He is all of these things. And what do all of these “manly” characteristics have in common? They are independent and women only seem to drag them down. Dr. Pepper recently introduced a new variation of their original soda that has sparked quite a confrontation regarding gender discrimination. The name of the new soda, “Dr. Pepper Ten,” comes presented with “ten manly calories” and the slogan “not for women,” which is an undeniable case of sexism. Dr. Pepper Ten commercials promoting the above definition of a man have swarmed major networks and the internet since the release. The Dr. Pepper Company emphasizes the absurd idea that the female gender is secondary to the male gender through these advertisements. This brand soda’s ad campaign is just one example of how there is a masculine dominance in our culture. The concept behind Dr. Pepper Ten reinforces gender stereotypes and the sexist idea that women are inferior to men in the American culture.
Ever heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover? It is a lesson that we all learned as we grew up in our culture. Unfortunately, this idea has been thrown out by today’s media and advertising. Marketing is all about the look of the product, and the Dr. Pepper Company has completely reinvented their original look for their new drink, Dr. Pepper Ten. The new look was intended to attract a more masculine customer-base for their new low calorie beverage. Gunmetal gray became the color scheme because of its masculine feel and industrial rivets were introduce...

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... as pink bows, sunflowers, and red lipstick. Again, our culture is found participating in the promotion of gender stereotypes. The advertising industry continues to suggest that men are dominating our society, leaving women to witness the adventure that is life.
Shockingly, our society managed to make soda, one of the most gender-neutral products, into a country wide controversy over sexist remarks. From the presentation of the can to the masculine appealing advertisements, the Dr. Pepper Company has successfully represented the American culture as a society in which certain standards are set for each gender. Unfortunately, some of these standards occasionally suggest that men hold dominance over women in our communities. Through cultural generalizations about masculinity in mass marketing, the company clearly affirms that Dr. Pepper Ten is indeed “not for women.”

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