Analysis Of Pin-Ups In Public Space

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Lauren Rosewarne is a senior educator in the School of Social and Political Sciences who composes, investigates and takes observations on eroticism, gender, and women 's rights within the entertainment business. In addition, she focuses her work on public policy and politics within a government. Written in 2007, Rosewarne, a persuasive writer, published an article entitled Pin-Ups in public space. Sexist outdoor advertising as sexual harassment. This piece of literature concentrates on public advertisements being distinguished and experienced as sexual harassment through women, based on the similarity between the illustrations and the pin-up posters. Rosewarne communicates about how she understands through her personal observation, a year long…show more content…
In reality, women have to live up to various standards. In Rosewarne’s writing, one standard that is brought to light is that whatever is portrayed on these advertisements promoting a precise body figure, hair color, skin color, etc. is what a women has to look like in order for men to find them pleasurable. Nonetheless, this mindset on young girls is truly damaging our youth into thinking that they have to look that way in order to feel admirable by society. A new report by the American Psychological Association says, “Advertising and media images that encourage girls to focus on looks and sexuality are harmful to their emotional and physical health” (Jayson). This is destructive to society because the media is molding social labels that can conclude in the development of unhealthy social and physical habits. Women and young girls intensify the representation of seeing their bodies as sexual objects from a young age. Rosewarne highlights this in her article when she says ”The basic idea of a pin-up is to provide an inexpensive, mass-produced image of a woman for a man 's viewing pleasure” (Rosewarne 317). Also stating that “women are ‘bodies’ rather than ‘somebodies” (Rosewarne 318). Furthermore, when she talks about the pinups in relation with the standards she says, “Pin-ups help define what men find attractive, in the…show more content…
Advertisements are everywhere. Rosewarne reveals that “In both a workplace and a public space setting audiences are held captive to such images; and both sets of images work to masculinise space in a way that makes women feel excluded” (Rosewarne 314). Take beer advertisements as an example of this. Beer advertisements have been utilizing the female body to draw the interest of males for centuries. This materialization of women has been verified to not only have a discouraging effect on women, but an unfavorable effect on civilization. The purpose of these posters is to allure the male 's eyes to the model’s body and therefore to the beer planted in the background. These ads strive to make you subconsciously affiliate a charming woman with a bottle of beer. In theory, these posters should make a guy imagine that if he purchases a bottle of their beer, that one way or another there would be a model to go with it. This is unreasonable of course because a pretty woman does not emerge out of nowhere every time someone has a beer. In my opinion, advertisements like these portray women as sex symbols. The advertisers attempts to link their product with the female body, does not encourage women, but rather has an accidental effect of lower self esteem and confidence in women. Rosewarne summarizes the her stand on sexual harassment in public ads by
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