The Is A Man And Suck It Up, And `` Real Men Don 't Cry ``

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“Be a man and suck it up,” and “real men don’t cry,” are all phrases we’ve heard at least once in our life, whether it was directed toward us or not. We live in a society where men can no longer harvest any feelings or enjoy the simplicities of life, which is the stereotype of men. Although, times are changing and newer generations are taking control and breaking the normal, more specifically we are breaking the stereotype of men. Joe Keohane a journalist and editor for Esquire magazine states in his article “How facts backfire,” that backfire is a phenomenon in which people with a strong set of beliefs will not change their belief even if there are facts given (1). With the Internet, more importantly social media we are able change the world by sharing our ideas to millions of users online. As we are changing the stereotype of men by letting them embrace their feminine sides through the internet; more importantly on social media, it has caused an unexpected backfire to the movement. Men of the millennial age are trying to change the stereotype of men, and what better way of spreading the change then through the internet. Some popular posts on the internet regarding men are pictures of them wearing flower crowns, dressed in floral/pastel clothes or writing about their favorite Lush Bath bomb. These men are trying to change the way we associate hyper masculinity with being a real man, they’re letting other males know it’s okay to embrace their femininity. Although with all the articles and facts out there it still won’t change the minds of what a man is to most people. Keohane says, “Facts don’t necessarily have the power to change our minds…In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs” (1). The facts are the... ... middle of paper ... ...g yet a curse for our democratic society. The internet as helpful as it is, is contributing to the backfire of changing the stereotype of men from hyper masculinity to just being human. The significance of this movement is letting men know its okay to enjoy the feminine things in life, you don’t need to be a lumberjack 24/7. The internet isn’t going anywhere and it’s going to make it hard for men and women to bring the awareness to stubborn internet users. Although there is still hope for the movement, maybe people will be open to leave the stereotype of men, and perhaps in the future we’ll see men blogging about facial products or maybe YouTube videos of men explaining how to conceal or contour their face. It won’t be easy though, we still need to let people know that the stereotype of men is outdated, it will take one article, one photo, and one comment at a time.

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