The God You Thought You Knew : Exposing The 10 Biggest Myths About Christianity

The God You Thought You Knew : Exposing The 10 Biggest Myths About Christianity

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The God You Thought You Knew: Exposing the 10 Biggest Myths about Christianity is a 203-page book written by Alex McFarland and published by Bethany House Publishers. It discusses ten common misconceptions about God and Christianity, and what the author thinks are the truths that refute those myths.

America probably has more printed Bibles per person, than every other country in the world. It is unbelievable some of the ideas that people have about with the answers so close at hand. God is subject that everyone seems to know everything they care to know, and simply don 't feel they need to check their own ideas. Many of people 's thoughts of God come from Christianities dirty laundry. Most folks have yet to read through the Bible, but they have had a bad experience with a Christian living outside the gospel. Many have been judged by Christians, and all of us have seen supposed Christians protesting soldier funerals. If that were the only picture you had of Christianity, then why would you want to learn about this God?

We have been slow as a church, in adjusting to the reality of a post-Christian culture. We need to be the voices challenging the ideas people have about God. Alex McFarland has done this in his book, "The God You Thought You Knew". He takes each of the myths that people believe about God, and destroys them with the truth of God 's word. Each myth is replaced with the truth of the Gospel. He covers great topics like the perceived intolerance of Christianity to the supposed dispelling of Faith through science.
Why would others seek out God, when they believe lies about the Faith? We need to be pointing the world to the truth of God. Alex McFarland points to a God that others will want to know more about....

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...eve what the Bible has to say: “You don’t have to be a scholar, of course, but name any academic discipline. There are born-again believers that love Jesus and trust the Bible from all of the academic disciplines and there have been throughout history. It’s just been one of the lies of modern education that belief and God, and specifically Christianity, is for the unintelligent.”
Christianity is untrue because it is based on faith instead of facts. Citing the increasingly-growing body of archeological evidence which supports the accounts of both New Testament and Old Testament figures and events, Dr. McFarland says this of those who still wish to remain skeptical: “I believe compelling evidence, historical evidence, points to the fact that we can trust the Bible. It’s been said that if the Bible were merely a secular book, its authenticity would be beyond all doubt.”

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