Globalization : The Rise Of Globalization Essay

Globalization : The Rise Of Globalization Essay

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There has been an immense amount of changes in the way people interact with the world around them over the last century. The rise of globalization is the reason for this. Globalization is the uniting and interacting with people from all over the world for a common purpose. Nations across the world interact and assimilate with one another to obtain wealth in the global market. Countries such as the US use China to produce the same products they have at a cheaper cost .Many people question whether or not Globalization is new to the world we live in today or it’s something that has been prevalent throughout history. Globalization is not a new phenomenon in our world today. It can be traced back centuries ago. However, globalization has taken on a new form in 21 centuries and is a direct result of the continuous technological advances in society. Many under developed nations have become feeding tubes for the most modernized nations in the world. Globalization can be traced back to the 14th century, when the Nomads traded with the Eurasian continent. As shown in the novel, The Origins of the Modern World by Robert Marks. In the text Robert states, “Their way of life was not completely self-sufficient, for they needed things had-salt, pots and pans, textiles, other manufactured goods-trading in return horses, meat, or other products they could gather and people in the city prized. Civilizations and nomads across the Eurasian continent, thus had a symbolic relationship they depended on each other” (Marks 25). Then he goes on to say, “The Eurasian continent and Africa was connected by eight interlinking trade zones within three great subsystems” (33). This illustrates how people in the early days of hunter gathering and using horses or sh...

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...civilization changes over time, what worked twenty years ago is not the norm now. The feudal system died out and changed needed to occur to develop a functioning society at all levels. In this era, it led to the French Revolution that obviously didn’t benefit everyone at first. This document shed light on how women during this era was invisible. Women’s only identity was through their husbands. These kinds of documents and bold women similar to Goues pave the way for other women to rise up and take their own identity in society. Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen is written to call out the failures of the French Revolution to recognize women as citizens and human beings of society that deserve rights just as well as anyone else. Change don’t happen unless the oppressed stands up to the oppressor and demand what they want in some shape or form.

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