Capitalism: Where Do We Come From?

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In today's society, there are many forces that shape the world. Three forces that have a major impact are Capitalism, Globalization, and the Natural Environment. These forces all play major roles in either influencing or informing my lived experiences. To begin, capitalism is the economic ideology that everything is primarily focused towards making profit through the production and distribution of a product. In the article “Capitalism: Where Do We Come From?” By Robert Heilbroner and Lester Thurow, they provide insight on how capitalism has changed over the years and the impact it now has in today’s society. “There were no factors of production before capitalism. Of course, human labour, nature’s gift of land and natural resources, and the artifacts of society have always existed. But labour, land, and capital were not commodities for …show more content…

Globalization is the process of people of different cultures or countries integrating through interacting through trade or the use of social media. In “Point: Globalization Provides a Better Life for All” By Jennifer Graham, she provides a valid point of view of how globalization has benefited society. “Globalization enriches the human experience through increased cultural and economic integration, which promotes diversity by opening society to new technology, communication and ideas...Moreover, globalization helps to break down discrimination against people on the basis of religious beliefs or race” (Para, 11,13). Globalization has an impact on my lifestyle because I am currently surrounded by technology and different cultural food. With globalization I have access to different foods that i would normally never get to try, also technology has allowed me to gain knowledge about different culture I would normally not know, this results in me being more informed and benefited because of globalization bringing the different culture of the world so much closer

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