Globalization Argumentative Essay

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Globalization on a broader scale, is an integration act, involving cultural, mental, political as well as economic aspects of a person, among countries. It is mostly limited to, economic integration, associated with movement of people, exchange of technology and information, trade as well as financial flows. . This is practice is clearly miles ahead, as demonstrated by the ever increasing capital flows in the world economy as well as the level of importance, the world economy has. As a result of globalization, tremendous pressure is on the nations to keep up with its demands and this has had a lot of consequences. Some pundits will tell you that these effects are only economic based,
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The perspective here is wide, but let’s focus on resources. Indeed, globalization uses up finite resources more quickly. For instance china’s use of coal has risen rapidly, since joining the world trade organization. This is the same for developing nations. Most developing nations, characteristically, over dependent on natural resources, which are usually poorly exploited. Globalization can accelerate the usage of such a resource, especially, if a developed country is, involved. Developed countries have experts who could easily step in and overexploit unexploited resources. This has detrimental effects on the economy of the victim country in the long run. A valuable resource that could have sustained the country for years to come could easily be consumed by the expanded market and demand for it. For instance, the ever growing relationship between Asian countries like china and japan and Kenya has resulted in increased demand for wild animal products especially elephant husks and rhino horns. This has led to increased poaching as a result. This obviously affects the Kenyan economy, in terms of tourism. In addition, the formation of East Africa community that has resulted in open trade has led to overexploitation of the Lake Victoria fishing by Kenyan

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