Global Warming: The Release of Greenhouse Gases Essay

Global Warming: The Release of Greenhouse Gases Essay

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The United States government has been denying the truth about global warming. It seems that everyone else has been tagging along as well. It has become a great concern that people aren’t aware of what global warming actually is, and citizens leave it up to politics to decide for them. So, What is Global Warming? There is a process that occurs in our atmosphere called the Greenhouse Effect. The natural release of greenhouse gasses from our planet is done to keep our planet warm. What occurs is these gasses are released into our atmosphere, in which then they trap light from the sun, and that light is released into the earth to warm it up. The amount of energy that is used to warm up our earth is always the same amount of energy that our atmosphere releases back into space. Therefore, the earth stays warm, yet cool enough to sustain life. Now, Global Warming occurs when this process is done unnaturally. The release of Greenhouse Gasses comes from factories, wood burning, deforestation, and other human activities. These gasses go through the same process as the natural Greenhouse Effect. However, now there is more light being trapped than being released, and the earth becomes over heated. This is the process that scientists have claimed as Global Warming. Global Warming, caused by humans, is negatively affecting our planet. It is causing our sea water to rise and our freshwater to shorten, near extinction of animals, and it is affecting our health.
The changes in our water have become more drastic as time goes on. One concern that has approached many scientists is the rising of sea levels. Overall what causes the rise of our seas is Global Warming, but there is a specific concern that is part of this causation. The north and south p...

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