Essay on The Global Genetics And Genomics Community

Essay on The Global Genetics And Genomics Community

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This learning opportunity reflection was based on the genetic category. In this learning opportunity I investigated a case study created by G3C the Global Genetics and Genomics Community. I reviewed a patient case, preformed a questionnaire assessment, and made recommendations for future evaluation based on genetic testing. In total I spent about two hours completing my learning opportunity and the reflection assignment. I chose this material because doing an interactive case study sounded interesting. I learn better when my full attention is on a topic and I need to respond and complete activities in order to complete it.
This learning opportunity is important to my learning in nursing because often times in nursing, we don’t talk much about genetics and the hereditary effects of some diseases. It is often an overlooked topic in our curriculum. This activity helped me think of ways to talk about genetic testing with patients and discus their results. Genetic testing can be a very traumatic experience for patients, especially those who have diseases that run in their family. More specifically, this is important in my learning in this course, because often genetic testing is done on the adult population and those who carry a lot of the diseases we have covered in class. Genetic testing can help determine the chance of developing a disease, but being able to teach them about preventable risk factors like we have learned about in class is extremely important too.
In order, the major points of this activity included a thorough patient assessment including family history, lifestyle factors, and environmental factors. This is a timely process and important questions need to be asked in order to assess the situation and act appropriatel...

... middle of paper ...

...t was my job to determine if that was necessary after reviewing her chart and talking with her.
The information I have learned from reviewing and completing this case study will improve my knowledge and skill as a nurse and my critical thinking. Not only will I feel more comfortable in conducting patient interviews but also I am better prepared for what questions to ask and how to respond to new information given. While this was a virtual activity and it may be difficult to gain skills from completing it, I feel as though my nursing skills will benefit from it. I feel as though I am more able to provide sympathy for patients after having a real case presented to me. In my clinical experience I have not had to discuss options for genetic testing with my patients but I’m sure I will be presented with this situation at some point and am now more able to deal with it.

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