Genetic Screening

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Genetic Screening Genetic screening techniques are coming of age and the controversy that surrounds them is growing by the minute. The definition of genetic screenings is as follows: a systematic search for persons with a specific genotype. These tests that look into the essence of humanity, will allow scientist and physicians the opportunity and ability to alter the human genotype for better or worse. Genetic advancements will bring controversy at every milestone. Genetic Screening usually takes place when an individu al or group shows risk for a disease or trait. Genetic testing can pinpoint a specific allelic interaction or multiple gene interactions, which may lead to a disorder. The common thread of life is DNA and DNA is the only major requirement for genetic sc reening. With knowledge of structure and function of DNA scientists can unlock the mysteries of life. Who should be tested, when should someone be tested and who should know about the results are some of the small questions that society must answer about the ethics of genetic testing. Ethics plays a major role in understanding the controversy that surrou nds genetic testing. In the following pages I will discuss ethics, techniques, types of test available, major issues, pros and cons associated with genetic screening and finally my opinion. To fully understand the concept of genetic screening some essentials background knowledge is required. First, life replicates itself for the most part in the same manner in all organisms. Second, DNA is the molecule of heredity. DNA provides life its bl ueprints for building, replicating and surviving. Humans have a wide variety of DNA sequences, but the majority of sequences are common to all humans. DNA condenses to f... ... middle of paper ... genetic screening and genetic test are the way of the future and can benefit all with proper regulation. References Allen, B., (1994). Predictive genetic testing: ethical, legal and social implications. USA Today Nov 1994:66-69. Reference 2. Harper, P., (1993)Insurance and genetic testing. The Lancet Jan1993:224-228. Reference 3. Roberts, L. (1990) To test or not to test? Science 247:17-19. Reference 4. Time(1996) Do you want to know if the news is bad? Time v148:29 Reference 5. Blatt, R., An Overview of Genetic Screening and Diagnostic Test in Health Care. Obtained form Stawicki, S., Pros of Genetic Screening. Obtained form: Ynachinski, S., Genetic Screeing for Disease. Obtained form

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