The Global Climate Changes Has Brought Devastating Geographical Changes Over The Last Century

The Global Climate Changes Has Brought Devastating Geographical Changes Over The Last Century

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The global climate changes have brought devastating geographical changes over the last century. With unfunded solutions and internal political conflicts driven by pure ignorance, our species has begun digging its own grave. Roy Scranton, author of “Learning how to Die in the Anthropocene”, has already begun contemplating the inevitable. By incaptivating his readers with his detailed description of his military past; he draws a parallel to the future he describes as inescapable. Using descriptive logic and overwhelming emotion, Scranton successfully convinces that in order to live in the new age us humans have forged, we must learn how to die.
Scranton begins his essay with an elaborate portrait of the Baghdad landscape, described as a ravaged land riddled with distortion and turpitude. He then quickly places a time skip and describes his experience of watching Hurricane Katrina and immediately reminding him of Baghdad. It’s key that during this part of his self-narrative, Scranton describes the shift from the war-torn Baghdad and being at home in Oklahoma to emphasize how the destruction and agony has followed his to his home country. He then claims how this wasn’t a battle with guns or bombs but with global climate change which set the stage for his logical appeal. At this point, Scranton lays the foundation of his argument stating “ The geophysicist David Archer …radically transform the planet… beyond any foreseeable future” (Scranton 2). With this Scranton informs the audience of how much more the global climate change is even more threatening than what we have assumed. He then transitions it to how it can affect our average everyday lives. “The challenge the Anthropocene poses … national security, to food, and energy market...

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...n be taken to lighten the view instead of waiting for the disaster. Although I question his last line “If we want to live in the Anthropoece, we must first learn how to die.” Because is seems he is trying to say that there can be hope but we must come to term with our death, but it contradicts itself with what I mentioned above how most people simply will not accept death be it ignorance or religion. So for him to simply end the article with a “cool” finish throws me off.
“Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene” by Roy Scranton is a stimulating essay that moves his audience to consider their future. His essay successfully made the readers question their position but was resolute on the matter which can backfire from what he intended. Although it had several shortcomings, his view of looking past our everyday lives and accepting our future is definitely noteworthy.

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