The Ghettos Of The Holocaust Essay

The Ghettos Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Ghettos of the Holocaust
Suffering; “To experience severe pain, illness, or injury,” (Merriam Webster). Throughout the holocaust, many definably inhumane atrocities took place. Among the lesser acknowledged are the fates of those in the ghettos. Ranging from a small, restricted street corner, to more than a square mile large, ghettos ‘housed’ thousands upon thousands of people that had committed no crime (USHMM). Ghettos of the holocaust caused great suffering, and were a basis for the deportation and mass murder of millions, for the reason that living life in the ghettos was not only unsanitary but surrounded by anti-semitic violence, adding to the death toll of Jews and other discriminated against peoples.

After the German economic collapse, many people looked towards a strong leader who used groups of people as scapegoats for their actions. This was accomplished through the isolation and change in society 's view toward anyone considered lesser or weak. People who were Jewish, mentally or physically disabled, homosexual, or mentally ill among others were the targets of scorn (Mosaic of victims USHMM). World War II began as Germany did not answer for the wartime crime of the invasion and bombing of Poland. Anti-Semitism emerged with this new strong leader, Adolf Hitler, and his rise to power. As his and his Nazi party’s ideals spread, the discriminated against people were subjected to a range from denial of service, to police brutality (Zienert). After the September 1st blitzkrieg of Poland, these idea became even more prominent as thousands of people joined the Nazi party (Altman). The term blitzkrieg is used to describe “a sudden and overwhelming military attack” (Merriam Webster). This lead to a question a...

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... down (Warsaw Uprising). The Warsaw synagogue was bombed as a statement of German control and power. But, the effects of the resistance still stood, and across several occupied countries uprisings began in ghettos, though none successful. (Warsaw USHMM)

Shown from the individual and country wide accounts of the holocaust, millions were killed. The anti-semitic violence, mistreatment, and cruelty was extended in many ways, though those whose were prolonged in the ghettos suffered greatly. The death toll and experiences of those forced into small quarters, and starved through shortages of supplies, should be remembered with the events of the holocaust (Altman). The specific events in Warsaw, and their thwarted attempt of an uprising, among them. Ghettos made many to suffer, the mass murdering of innocent people was based from these boxes designed for death.

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