Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust: Why Do We Study the Holocaust?

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The Holocaust was a tragic piece of the worlds history. It happened from 1933 to 1945, and it was a mass killing and discrimination against people of certain races. They started with the Nuremberg Laws when Hitler became the most powerful. Hitler was a strange man who blamed Jews for the fall of Germany. There are several reasons as to why we study the Holocaust, the most important is so we never face something like this again.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria but later on became a German solider. He went to Germany after both his parents died, and after he was rejected from an art college. During WWI Hitler was injured twice. While he was in the hospital recovering, he found out that Germany lost the war, and he became furious. Once he got out, he joined the Nazi party and tried to overthrow the government. In the end, he was only arrested, but while he was in jail, he wrote his book, Mein Kamphf. Once he got out of jail he decided to politicaly take over. He did rallies and once everyone started to like him, he was elected Chancellor. He changed laws to make all of his future plans legal, and once the Headmaster of Germany died, Hitler became the most power. Everything he did was legal there. He made this plan called the Final Solution, that if any allied troops got into his strongholds, he would back out and take everyone down with him. This included the mass killing of almost all remaining jews. He only did this so he couldnt get charged with any crime, so there would be no witnisses, but that plan failed big time.
A holocaust is a great destruction resulting in the extensasive loss of life, especailly by fire. The Holocaust was a bloody event that happened from 1933 to 1945, where 11 million people were killed. It is practi...

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...s that there were people in Europe that hated this. Her 'gaurdians' were not on the undisireables list, but they were risking their lives for the Franks. It shows the loyalty in those people.

In the end, the real main question is why. Why do we study the Holocaust? We study it for so many reasons. We study it so we remember all the tragic events, from the murdering of the Jews to the liberation of death camps. Also this defineing moment in history lets us see how rasicim effected everything. Not only in Germany with the Nuremberg Laws, but here as well with the Jim Crow Laws. WWII did help us out of The Great Depression though. But the most important reason as to why we study this is so we know the signs, so it will never happen again. No one should ever want this to repeat. It was tragic all around. Thats why kids world wide will alwats study about the Holocaust.

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