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Ghettos, concentration camps, starvation, and deaths. These people were put through everything during this terrible, grueling time. The Nazi forces were overtaking the people day by day throughout Europe. In the ghettos and concentration camps either killers or starvation took the lives of many innocent people. These people did not deserve the treatment they received in such short notice. During the Holocaust the Jewish people should have fought back against the nasty, intolerable Nazis.
Opposing views claim that people during the Holocaust should of gone with the flow and should of let the Nazis push them around. Others believe that if the victims would of went with the flow they would have mixed in; however, they would have to do what the Nazis told them to do. Some commodities they were told to do included manual labor, walking the death marches, and to go without eating for days. Even though these people had to do these things, they would have blended in, and it would of been less likely for the people to get hurt or killed by the terrible Nazis. Believing that you could sit back and not deal with the situation is not the way to stand up for yourself. The people should have fought back and fought back powerfully!
The Nazi force was breaking the law throughout this whole tragic experience. Torturing these people was against the law, and the law should not have been broken. The Jewish people should have fought back to save themselves and seize this bad practice. Many of the people did not know what to do when someone would show up at their house one beautiful day to take them away; however, this would never have happened if the law had been enforced. The people should have argued this situation. They have their own rights and...

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...these people had was heart-shattering. Children in some cases were alone and did not know what to do without their family. Dying to save the lives of others could have been the best thing you would have done for yourself and these people; someone could of been in this situation and would of been that wonderful hero.
Many people in this rough position stayed tough and unbreakable, but others could not stand the pressure and crumbled to pieces. The abandoned children were sometimes taken in by other families, so they would have a home to live in and a family to comfort them. Standing up for yourself and fighting back would show that these people were not backing down to anyone, especially the Nazis, who were destroying them and their meanings. People that took part in the uncontrolled Holocaust should have fought back to win their freedom and dignity from the Nazis.
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