Getting An Hiv / Sti Essay

Getting An Hiv / Sti Essay

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As a female, I need to be careful to who I get active with and to know their history before taking a risk myself, and asking my doctor how to project myself from getting an HIV/STI’s. Human-being we are taking risks every day to prevent HIV/STI’s from spreading around. I interviewed someone that deals with all these issues.
Talking to a specialist that works with these bacterial and viral sexually transmitted infections, helps someone understand these STI’s more, and how to protect yourself from them. I asked what treatment is provided? She said they do private testing everything is discreet when someone takes a visit to the clinic, you get a free doctor consultation when someone goes into the clinic. The results will come in one to two days after tested. The prices for the STI and HIV tests for the ten-test panel it would be $219.00 and for HIV RNA early detection it will be $349.00 but if a couple goes to the clinic together they will give the couple a discount. They do not take insurance, so they do not put it on your history when you do into the clinic. They will take a blood, ...

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