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Overall Objective To decrease HIV transmission and to minimise the impact of the epidemic, on children, young people and families, through the growing effectiveness of national action to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the East of Asia and the Pacific regions. They aim to provide practical support and aid at community level, encouraging the full engament of people affected by HIV/AIDS. - Explain their main interest in the business, their power and how they can influence that business. - The description should include information about any stakeholders. The internal stakeholders of UNICEF would have included: Staff members - as well as its staff in different country posts around the world and at all levels, its member countries' representatives. The staff member’s main interest in the business is to allow UNICEF to provide a very high level service to its customers. The staff members can support the business as it is there decisions that affect the outcome of the business. They are the vital to the service and level of those services that UNICEF provides. Volunteers - these are the people who go out and provide the support, they are very important as they don’t work for money, so this helps the financial side of UNICEF. The volunteers also can have a key important influence into the final outcome of UNICEF as they are the ones that are physically providing the service. Donators -the people who donate money to the organization are also internal stakeholders; they are essential for a charity business such as UNICEF to function and provide the support. Representatives - The representatives have can have an influence on the way the company is seen by other companies. So they can cause a positive effect if they can influence people to look a... ... middle of paper ... ...rganisation of UNICEF the stakeholders that get more attention will be the people who are providing the donations to the company and the children that UNICEF provides support to. These will receive more attention because they are the most important stakeholders. Without the donations UNICEF would struggle to provide the children with any sort of support as they would be unable to fund it, or they would have to change the whole dynamics of the origination to still be able to provide support if they didn’t receive the fanatical donations. And the children that they provide and offer support to also receive a lot of attention. This is because without these children UNICEF would not be providing any sort of service. There organisation is based around the fact that there are children who need help and support so they are essential to the functioning of it as a business.

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