Teen Parent Support: Annotated Bibliography

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Sauls and Glassley conducted this research to evaluate the development of the Adolescent Support Model that conceptualizes on the intervention of nursing care in adolescents during childbirth. They demonstrate an understanding of the model by independently addressing the different issues present, which include the perspectives from all parties and the supportive needs of the adolescents. The article demonstrates the supportive needs of the clients during childbirth and breastfeeding.

The article illustrates that adolescents are skeptical about initiating breastfeeding upon giving birth. This is caused by many perceptions concerning breastfeeding difficulties, benefits of the act and pressure from popular people. Although the adolescents have mixed reactions over their needs, generalized emotional and informational support is identified as the most important factor.

One of the strengths of this article is the independence manifested in the aspects used to create the Adolescent Support Model. Moreover, the reader gets an opportunity to analyze the article from different perspectives and understand its components by independently addressing the issues involved. The weakness of this article is its failure to identify possible remedies to adolescent pregnancies.

Brindis et al. conducted research to identify reasons that would make health care providers give as much reproductive health information to men as they do to women. In this research, the authors develop reasons that show why men need reproductive health information. This research proposes this could be an excellent strategy in curbing increasing adolescence pregnancy. The research holds that men need more sex education as a form of protection against sexually transmitte...

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